Kibion® Dynamic



Technical data

Dimensions, mm:  280 W x 320 H x 380D
Weight: 13 kg
Power consumption: 0,12 kW
Mains switch with two fuses: 2 x 2 A
Gas connections: 1 external gas connection
Data transfer: 2 RJ-45, 2 USB
Environment: temperature 15-35 °C, humidity < 70 % rH


Kibion® Dynamic Software

The Kibion® Dynamic offers a modern touchscreen interface with a graphical user interface adapted to the special needs of laboratories, hospitals and doctor´s offices. The software holds a patient and test management and is also capable to communicate with LIS- or HIS-infrastructure.

The software is designed to support an intuitive workflow without distractions and is performing various plausibility checks in the background to ensure a quick and safe workflow with the highest accuracy.